Fake Tan, Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

Fake Tan Pregnancy

There is no evidence to say that fake tan is dangerous to use when pregnant or breast feeding, however, we would always recommend that you consult your midwife or GP for their advice first.



If you do continue to use fake tan when pregnant, then we would suggest avoiding your stomach & nipple area. Remember your skin changes all the time, especially when pregnant – you can become sensitive to something you have never been sensitive to before. So please always get medical advice first and stop using if you feel that it isn’t reacting how it usually would.


Breast Feeding

We would suggest you avoid applying fake tan to your breast or chest area when you are breast feeding. Not only to protect your baby when feeding, but as new mums, your skin can change a lot during and after pregnancy, so it is important to always patch test before a full body application.

We would always advise consulting your GP or midwife for further advice.